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Weaver's Community Housing

Type: Academic
School: MS Ramaiah Institute of Technology
Professor: Dr. Anuradha N
Studio: Occupational Housing

Year: Spring 2013
Site: Bangalore, India 


This project was about creating housing prototypes for weaver’s. Weaver’s in India have a unique work-life relation. They live and work in the same place. The design of the prototype had to keep the two programs together while keeping them separate.

Each cluster consists of 4 houses. People of the same occupational group occupy each cluster. The row houses concept helped save materials and labor cost. Weaving is at the HEART of each block. The beneficiaries set up their looms in the central court and use it as their work place thereby working in their home itself.

Plants act as Noise Buffer between Work-space and Living space. Cross Ventilation is maintained throughout despite the small carpet area. There is a possibility of extension of living space in upper floors in the future.

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