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House in the woods

Type: Professional
Teammate: Swetha Devidas
Office: Bhumiputra Architecture
Client: Raghava KK (artist) and family
Year: 2016 (Design Phase)
Site: Woodstock, New York 


The Woodstock Residence or the “House in the Woods” is home to an Indian artist and his family. It is located on a beautiful 12 acre site in the town of Woodstock, New York overlooking the Catskill mountain range. The house is meant to be the first of many in a design village that will be developed on the site.


The project is distinctive because the house will be prefabricated in India and then shipped to New York.


Since the site has many natural streams that collect at a pond in the site, we decided to build the house beside the lake. We tried to give the built mass a transparent character where the user is constantly connected to the surroundings visually.

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