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Lookup HQ

Type: Professional
Teammate: Swetha Devidas
Office: Bhumiputra Architecture
Client: LookUp Inc.
Year: 2015 - 2016 (Completed)
Site: Bangalore, India


Lookup is a mobile application that connects customers with local retailers. While designing we had to be wary of their unique work culture and create an environment best suited to their needs.

Workstations range from standing desks (which encouraged a more active workplace), cabin for the CEO, 10 seat conference room, linear work stations, self contained 4 seat work desks for specific teams, to cozy wall seats. Indigenous plant species served to differentiate spaces, while also improving air quality and incorporating Lookup's trademark green color. 

At the very center, a semi-circular amphitheater (fondly nicknamed “The Pitch”) transforms from brainstorming arena by day, to a recreational hub by night. A cluster of bright red, old-school telephone booths are used as ideal spots for Skype calls.

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