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Pedestrian Palimpsest

Type: Academic
Teammate: Tehreem Un Nisa
School: University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
Professor: Kevin Erickson

Studio: Propositions Studio
Year: Fall 2017
Site: Manhattan, New York 


The framework for the “Proposition Studio” was anchored in the concepts of Urban Design and was a combination of lecture sessions, field visits, surveying and design.

This project was about problem solving that did not necessarily mean a built intervention. Extensive surveying and studies were conducted to problematize issues that are taken for granted. Our proposition questioned the rigidity of the Manhattan grid and aims to redefine the pedestrian experience - Streets that are designed for pedestrians and not cars.

Not only did I learn about how to conduct surveys but that all problems do not need built intervention. Architecture is not only about building but about problem solving.

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