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ARCH 274 - Representation

Type: Exhibition
School: University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

Professor: David Emmons and Andrea L Melgarejo De Berry
Studio: ARCH 274 - Representation

Role: Teaching Assistant

Venue: Temple Buell Art Gallery (TBAG), Architecture Building

Year: Spring 2019

An exhibition of student drawings and models from the course ARCH 274: Representation, Spring 2019.


This course was intended for students to develop an understanding of the representation of ideas, values, and meaning in the built environment. We focused on three topic areas: analysis, technical communication and modeling.


As a teaching assistant I advised and critiqued 25 students on design, coordinated in class lab assignments, helped students better understand fundamental design strategies and concepts, taught multiple software and graded assignments. The studio gave me the opportunity to refresh my fundamentals and enjoy the creative process. 

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